Friday, August 12, 2011

alone at my room...miss my Lord...dont know why...God, what is that?....when sunday come, feel it's nothing and i know why..becoz i didnt go to Church...Hurm...almost 4 month here..didnt go to Church even once....spiritual hungry and thirsty of the word of God...but i know He always with me..always..always...bcoz i know Him, how He lead me by any situation...together with me, support me, love me, never leave me alone...no other like Him...He's Alpha and Omega..yang pertama dan terakhir...Lets my heart always with You Lord...never put God on the last list in ur life.. put Him at the first rank (***peringatan untuk diri sendiri***) God bless me and i know that :)

thank God i alway read the book by title "Devotion for Everyday of the Year and Bible every night. thanks to my niece who presented me the book...also i share the word of God with my Church friends, niece and my cousin..every night...so that why i get closer to Him..it's help me to know Him more and more..and know where i put Him in my life :)

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